William & Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 71, no. 3
July 2014

Interactive Digital Projects

Annapolis Aflame:
Richard Clarke’s Conspiracy and the Imperial Urban Vision in Maryland, 1704–8

Paul Musselwhite

This interactive version of James Stoddert’s 1718 ground plat of Annapolis is intended to highlight the extent of the lot holdings of a number of leading figures in the early eighteenth century. It is not a complete snapshot of ownership during any given year, but rather a guide to the sheer number of lots that were (at one point or another) under the control of these four men in the years immediately following the events of Clarke’s conspiracy. The lot ownership is designated according to the notes that are visible on Stoddert’s plat. Where (and only where) no lot owner is specified on Stoddert’s plat, I have supplemented the data with reference to Lorena Walsh, “Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, Maryland: A Study of Urban Development in a Tobacco Economy, 1649–1776,” National Endowment for the Humanities Final Report, 1983, Special Collections, MSA SC 4396, Maryland State Archives (MSA).

  • Key
  • Bladen
  • Garrett
  • Carroll
  • Bladen and Carroll
  • Bordley

Image: MSA SC 1427-1-3-0004 Photostat copy of James Stoddert, A ground platt of the citty and port of Anapolis (1718). Collection of the Maryland State Archives.