William & Mary Quarterly

Third Series, Volume 64, Number 1
January 2007

Transcription Digital Projects

Forum: Black Founders

Roy E. Finkenbine, Belinda’s Petition: Reparations for Slavery in Revolutionary Massachusetts

“Petition of an African slave, to the legislature of Massachusetts.” From The American Museum, or Repository of Ancient and Modern Fugitive Pieces, Prose and Poetical. For June, 1787. Volume 1. Number 6. Philadelphia: Mathew Cary, 1787.

Peter P. Hinks, John Marrant and the Meaning of Early Black Freemasonry

A Sermon Preached on the 24th Day of June 1789, being the Festival of St. John the Baptist at the Request of the Right Worshipful the Grand Master Prince Hall, and the Rest of the Brethren of the African Lodge of the Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Masons, in Boston, by the Reverend Brother Marrant, Chaplain.

Richard S. Newman, “We Participate in Common”: Richard Allen’s Eulogy of Washington and the Challenge of Interracial Appeals

Richard Allen, “Eulogy of George Washington,” delivered in Bethel Church December 29, 1799, and reprinted in the Philadelphia Gazette, December 31, 1799.

Julie Winch, The Making and Meaning of James Forten’s Letters from a Man of Colour

Letters From a Man of Colour, on a late Bill before the Senate of Pennsylvania.

Stephen G. Hall, A Search for Truth: Jacob Oson and the Beginnings of African American Historical Textual Discourse

Jacob Oson, “A Search for Truth; or, An Inquiry for the Origin of the African Nation: An Address, Delivered at New-Haven in March, and at New York in April, 1817. By Jacob Oson, A Descendant of Africa. Published for, and by the request of, Christopher Rush, a descendant of Africa (1817).

Manisha Sinha, To “cast just obliquy” on Oppressors: Black Radicalism in the Age of Revolution

An Oration Delivered at the Fourth Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade, in the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Second-Street, New-York, January 1, 1811. By Adam Carman. New York: Printed by John C. Totten, 1811.