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The OI Reader gives the Omohundro Institute a platform for publishing not only a digital edition of the William and Mary Quarterly but also additional digital projects that expand our understanding of early American history intellectually, conceptually and rhetorically. We are excited to share this innovative content with you.

In addition to the full text of the WMQ each issue, the OI Reader features:

  • high resolution images that enlarge
  • audio samples
  • special interactive content
  • a note-taking function that helps you capture your thoughts on each article in the WMQ
  • a selection of new and classic WMQ essays as well as all new issues of the journal beginning with July 2014
  • Supplemental materials for Doing History, the OI's podcast about how historians work.

Developed and published in Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), and with critical support from Adobe Systems Incorporated, the first iteration of the OI Reader debuted in November 2014. Updates will incorporate new and innovative user features.

Available on both Android and Apple platforms.

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New forms of presentation often inspire new ways of thinking. At the WMQ we are interested in both these innovations.

If you have an unpublished article about an early American topic that incorporates digital elements or features, we would love to hear about it. Please contact me at japiker@wm.edu to discuss the OI Reader and the WMQ’s submission process.

— Joshua Piker, Editor
William and Mary Quarterly