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The Chesapeake in the Seventeenth Century

Essays on Anglo-American Society

David Ammerman and Thad Tate

Out of print

Copyright 1979
University of North Carolina Press


A remarkable set of essays that exhibit the sophistication of the new social history as applied to the early history of the southern colonies. Despite the fragmentary character of the surviving records, the authors have made them yield important new insights into the structure of seventeenth-century society in Maryland and Virginia.

--Edmund S. Morgan

This is an exciting book, one that can be described as an interim but meaty report of perhaps the most exciting work now in progress among students of early American history—the analytical study of an emerging social order in seventeenth-century Virginia and Maryland. It is the work chiefly of young historians who are well represented by the authors included in this volume. If some of the conclusions reached are advanced tentatively, they are nonetheless significant for the promise they give of a better understanding of the full sweep of American history.

--W. Frank Craven