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Religion and the American Revolution

An Imperial History

Katherine Carte

Cloth: 978-1-4696-6264-0 ($49.95)

Copyright 2021
University of North Carolina Press


"Religion and the American Revolution: An Imperial History marks the full maturity of Atlantic history brought to bear on a subject of perennial historical interest: the place of religion in the American War of Independence. By focusing on 'British imperial protestantism,' Carte illuminates institutional religious life before, during, and after the Revolution on both sides of the Atlantic. It is simply a terrific book, a scholarly landmark that should decisively shape research on the subject for a very long time to come."

--Mark Noll, University of Notre Dame

"An important contribution both to the history of religion in America and to the new literature on the imperial dimensions of the American Revolution. Carte carefully recontructs the colonial transatlantic interconnections among protestants and reveals how the Revolution transformed protestantism in America."

--Andrew O'Shaughnessy, University of Virginia

"Was the United States founded as a 'protestant nation'? Carte takes on one of the most enduring narratives in American history and decisively shows that Anglo-America's protestant order did not survive the Revolution and its violent dismantling of empre. A striking fresh interpretation of the politics of church and state in an era of revolutionary change."

--Susan Juster, University of Michigan