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Family, Slavery, and Love in the Early American Republic

The Essays of Jan Ellen Lewis

Jan LewisBarry Bienstock; Peter Onuf; Anette Gordon-Reed

Cloth: 978-1-4696-6563-4 ($39.95)

Copyright 2021
University of North Carolina Press


Learned, lucid, insightful, and humane, these essays aptly reflect Jan’s qualities as an inspirational mentor and pathbreaking scholar with a dazzling range of expertise. They collectively remind us of how much we have lost with her passing

--Alan Taylor

An indefatigable researcher and a masterful essayist, Jan Lewis revealed how gender, slavery, and emotions converged within the early Republic’s political experiment and showed us why that convergence mattered. Like a well-curated retrospective exhibit, this volume displays Lewis’s creative and wide-ranging reinterpretation of the founding era

--John Lauritz Larson

When Lewis began her career, the early American Republic was a moribund field; this volume shows us the magic by which she brought it back to life. Field changing when it was first published, her work has maintained its relevance ever since

--Serena Zabin