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Virginia 1619

Slavery & Freedom in the Making of English America

Paul Musselwhite Peter C Mancall James Horn

Cloth: 978-1-4696-5201-6 ($90.00)
Paper: 978-1-4696-5179-8 ($25.00)

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"Timely and insightful, Virginia 1619 brings together influential transatlantic scholars to assess debates around race, gender, and political authority from the colonial British Atlantic. Its authors convincingly demonstrate how both deliberate and haphazard decision making in 1619 Virginia ultimately structured a world of inwquality with resonance into the present."

--Audrey Horning, College of William & Mary and Queen's University Belfast

"In Virginia 1619, an arrray of renowned and up-and-coming scholars postulates 1619, when African people first appear in Virginia's records, as pivitol in the history of the colony. Any consideration of seventeenth-century English overseas interests and the devlopment of Anglo-American must reckon with the analyses they offer."

--L.H. Roper, State Univeristy of New York, New Paltz

"A splendid collection centered on a pivitol moment in British, American, and Virginia history. Deeply researched and judiciously crafted, the essays are graced with degrees of thought and originality not always found in such abundance in anthologies by multiple authors."

--Warren M. Billings, University of New Orleans