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America in European Consciousness, 1493–1750

Karen Ordahl KuppermanKaren Kupperman

Paper: 978-0-8078-4510-3 ($39.95)

Copyright 1995
University of North Carolina Press


Ranging from cartography to anthropology, from the history of collecting to the history of history, from Petrarch to David Hume, in its scope, in the sheer brilliance of so many of its contributions, America in European Consciousness offers the very best of European and American scholarship on a subject of lasting importance.

--Anthony Pagden

America in European Consciousness gives us a dazzling set of essays by leading scholars from both sides of the Atlantic. Did knowledge about the newly found continent—about its peoples, languages, plants, and animals—change the way Europeans thought about their world? Or did it simply reinforce their existing views and get turned toward European preoccupations? Both processes were at work over the centuries, so we learn from these remarkably researched and handsomely illustrated studies. This book will change our own consciousness of the American and European past.

--Natalie Zemon Davis

An important and very well-edited book, one that can be read with profit by both student and specialist.

--16th Century Journal