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The Invasion of America

Indians, Colonialism, and the Cant of Conquest

Francis Jennings

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Copyright 2010
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The historiography of Indian-European relations will never be the same.

--The American Historical Review

Jennings’ achievement in this volume is considerable. . . . Studies of cultural contact in New England and elsewhere can now proceed in an atmosphere freed from the ‘cant of conquest.’

--The New England Quarterly

An illuminating account that should stand as the corrective to American historiography that [Jennings] intended.

--Reviews in American History

The Invasion of America launched the first major salvo against the provincialism of early American historiography, and the book.’s urgency, insights, and trenchant critiques endure. Jennings shook the foundations of American historical inquiry to its core, exposing the centrality of settler colonialism in the making of New England. Generations remain indebted to his bold and relentless claims.

--Ned Blackhawk, Yale University