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The Campaign for the Sugar Islands, 1759

A Study of Amphibious Warfare

Marshall Smelser

Copyright 1955
University of North Carolina Press

In the battle for empire that was the Seven Years' War, France's Sugar Islands, Guadeloupe and Martinique, were stakes as important as the Dominion of Canada. This book sketches the background strategy that led William Pitt to send an expedition to capture them, but it is chiefly the story of the campaign itself.

Originally published in 1955.

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Dr. Smelser has written a lively account of what is perhaps the most successful amphibious landing in history, between King Agamemnon’s at Troy and General Eisenhower’s in Normandy. . . . Altogether this was one of the gayest and most gallant operations of a war which brought England glory, territory—and a colonial revolution.

--Samuel Eliot Morison