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The Governor and the Rebel

A History of Bacon’s Rebellion in Virginia

Wilcomb E. Washburn

Copyright 1957
University of North Carolina Press

This is the definitive study of the unsuccessful rebellion in Virginia led in 1676 by the younger Nathaniel Bacon, celebrated in history as the rebel, against Sir William Berkeley, the colonial governor of Virginia and one of the lords proprietors of Carolina. Using all known English and American sources, Washburn sheds light on many misconceptions surrounding the episode.

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Doctor Washburn has written a thoroughly documented but fascinating history of Bacon’s Rebellion, which will upset the notions current about that affair for the last two centuries. And justice at last is done to the memory of Governor Berkeley of Virginia.

--Samuel Eliot Morison

It advances a fresh and challenging interpretation of a classical incident in American history and it is written with zest. At the hands of Mr. Washburn, the story of Bacon’s rebellion is brought to life brilliantly. I believe the book is one that will have to be read by all serious students of colonial history.

--Louis Hartz