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Seventeenth Century America

Essays in Colonial History

James Morton Smith

Copyright 1959
University of North Carolina Press


The papers . . . have well-known themes: the legal argumetns used to dispossess the Indians, the cultural adjustments made by the Indians to the colonists, problems of social origins, politics, and social structure, religion in Virginia and in New England, and the history of early American settlements. What is valuable in this volume is the documentation.

--Saturday Review

. . . Smith, and his team, deserve the gratitude of historians on both sides of the Atlantic, for recalling their attention to the opportunities for fresh research and fresh thought in a period in which—if the adaptation may be permitted—nature puts science to the test.

--Times Literary Supplement

. . . presents new and heretofore undiscovered aspects of social patterns in a transplanted English society and of characteristics indelibly impressed on a people ultimately forming a new nation.

--The Annals