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The Jeffersonian Republicans in Power

Party Operations, 1801–1809

Noble Cunningham, Jr.

Copyright 1963
University of North Carolina Press

Focusing on Jefferson's two terms as president, this volume continues the study of the practical functioning of the Jeffersonian party begun in The Jeffersonian Republicans: The Formation of Party Organizationm 1789-1801. Together these volumes present a comprehensive picture of the origins and early development of the present-day Democratic party.

Originally published in 1963.

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About the Author

Noble Cunningham is the author and historical editor of more than a dozen books about Jefferson, including The Inaugural Addresses of President Thomas Jefferson, 1801 and 1805. A professor of history at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Cunningh


This is a worthy sequel to Mr. Cunningham’s earlier study. . . . The two volumes together offer the most authoritative treatment we have, or are likely to have for a long time, of the organization, leadership, and practical functioning of the first successful party of modern democracy.

--The Virginia Quarterly Review

. . . Important not only to historians of the early Republic but for all concerned with the history of American political parties. The political attitudes and practices examined . . . offer an important key to the understanding of modern party organizations.

--Harry Ammon