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The Democratic Republicans of New York

The Origins, 1763–1797

Alfred Young

Copyright 1967
University of North Carolina Press

A Prize-Winning Book

  • Jamestown Prize (1967)

Through an intensive study of party origins in the state of New York, this volume reexamines and reevaluates the whole of the Democratic Republican movement. It will compel changes in present concepts of anti-Federalist and Republican connections with banking, mercantile, land-speculation, and manufacturing interests.

Originally published in 1967.

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The distinguishing qualities of The Democratic Republicans of New York are its authority, its perspective, its judicious balance, its penetrating analyses, and its lucid style. Professor Young has had the wisdom to avoid getting bogged down in fruitless controversy, the courage to recognize what is still valid in Becker and Beard, and the resolution to go beyond them in the only way possible—by indefatigable researces in an amazing range of original and secondary sources, over all of which he has established a sure mastery. He has produced a work of enduring scholarship.

--Julian P. Boyd